Writhe and Shine comics are being posted on the main page a well know “gothic” social network which receives a lot of traffic. That means I was going to attract the attention of some of those People That Cannot Say Anything Nice also known as Trolls.

I have already determined in a previous blog entry to Never Say Nothing, and have come to expect constant nasty remarks merely because I refuse to Not Feed The Trolls. Although, today I received a bizarre response from my troll that put things into an entirely different perspective.

After reading it, I realized that my troll has a crush on me.

Troll: can you try saying something comprehensible

Robert: Can you try saying something not reprehensible?
Also, can you try typing better and use proper punctuation?

Troll: can you go a single panel without being completely contemptible
i mean ive read your entire fucking archive its really indefensible
these are supposed to be humorous i understand, though thats quite ostensible
your writing is like your art though and by that i mean wholly one dimensional
calling any of these – even a single one – at all funny is totally untenable
the only comical thing about your work is that you call yourself a professional
so forgive me for using this comment as my personal polemical confessional
but your strip is a waste receptacle
humor undetectable
consistently indigestible
always and forever forgettable

your rhyme was not impressive.

Robert: I love the fact that you thought I was trying to rhyme and therefore put so much time into creating your own, just for me. How sweet.
I love the fact that you read my entire archive even though you hate the comics.
I love the fact that I piss you off.

After thinking about it, I shouldn’t have used the word ‘love.’ It might give him/her the wrong idea.