I will soon reveal my new crowd funding project!

I’m not sure how many people follow other crowd funding projects. There is most often extra rewards for people meet or surpass a certain level of donation. For my campaign, one of my rewards is a look into my past (which I generally don’t talk much about). So I went digging. At the bottom of the Closet of Darkness is the Chest of Nightmares. Inside that chest are stacks of folders, bags, and notebooks filled with the most intimate details of the past I left behind.

Here, take a look!

The Closet of Darkness (is actually pretty well-lit)

Behold! The Chest of Nightmares!!! (well, at least Mao is somewhat interested)

A stack of notebooks filled with the scribblings of a madman!

And more notebooks and mementos (what strange things could be hidden within?)

A massive folder stuffed with newspaper clippings from the most morbid of newspapers, The Northern Star

And one last folder of the content I was originally seeking, my first comic strip series, Schwartz

Here is just a few of them, getting their darkness all over the counter